Finding legal solutions for your property disputes

Emma Watson Legal Solutions

Specialising in residential and commercial property disputes and landlord and tenant issues

We are a solicitors practice specialising in finding legal solutions to property and money claim issues clients face. The principal, Emma Watson is a qualified solicitor with over twenty years of experience in dealing with legal problems.

It can be quite common for business relationships, landlord and tenant relations, employment relations and friendships to break down. Where an agreement cannot be reached we are able to provide advice and guidance. If no solution can be agreed between the parties we regularly apply to the County Court for a County Court Judgement to resolve the dispute.

You can approach us for help at any stage of your legal problem or dispute. We can review the paperwork and facts relating to your problem at the outset of your issue developing or draft a specific Court document if you need help doing this.

Most people only need to see a solicitor if they need help drafting a will, buying or selling a house, or applying for probate to administer the estate of a loved one. We don’t deal with these areas; our practice is focused on helping clients with the legal aspects of problems that occur in everyday life.

Our services

Whether it’s legal advice, help claiming outstanding payments or resolving contratual disputes, we will be able to find the solution that’s right for you. Examples of some of the areas we regularly advise on include:
Landlord and tenant advice icon

Residential or Commercial Landlord and Tenant Advice

This can include advising on the required documents, as well as evicting a tenant.

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Debt recovery icon

Recovering money from a debtor

This may include drafting a letter before court action or providing assistance to recover a debt by instructing bailiffs.

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Employment advice icon

Employment Advice

When a relationship at work breaks down we can help advise on your case, and negotiate a settlement agreement between the parties.

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Property disputes icon

Property disputes

Where there is a dispute about who owns land or a building, we can help advise on the facts and apply to the Court or Tribunal for a determination.

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Litigation and court icon

Litigation and Court work

There are various court documents that need to be drafted during a Court case, we can draft the papers for your claim against another party.

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Where possible we are able to provide a quotation for our legal services with a fixed fee quote. In areas where the facts are likely to be disputed and the matter will go to Court, we will provide a detailed cost estimate with an estimate of costs at the various stages of the process, so you can decide which option is best for you.