Specialist Advice on Property Dispute Resolution

Boundary disputes between neighbours

We can write to neighbouring landowners on your behalf to encourage an agreement if the Land Registry documentation is ambiguous about ownership or property access or rights. If it is not possible to resolve the issue we can advise on the various possible solutions such as mediation, applying to the Land Tribunal, the Land Registry or seeking a declaration by the County Court.

Advice on land grab case, such as adverse possession

This could be helping by going to Court and evicting squatters from your land or advising whether someone else being in possession of your land means that they now have the right to keep it. We can advise what you should do in these circumstances to protect your position.

Ownership Disputes

We can also advise how to resolve a dispute where two people own a property together and one party wishes to sell the property, and the other party does not wish to sell the property. We specialise in property disputes where the legal owners of the property are not married. We always advise that parties try and reach an agreement, but where this is not possible, we can make an application to the County Court on your behalf under the Trust of Land Appointment of Trustees Act 1996. This will allow the Court to decide on the respective ownership percentage of the parties and orders the sale of the property.

Pre-nuptial agreements

We can also help prevent property disputes by drafting pre-nuptial agreements which will lay out how the parties wish the assets they held prior to the marriage to be arranged in the unfortunate event that the marriage breaks down.

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