Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a qualified Solicitor; she has been specialising in resolving disputes about property and money between parties for over twenty years. Emma’s focus is on resolving the disputes by the most appropriate method, this could involve a simple exchange of letters between the parties, mediation, or an application to the County Court.

After lock down ended in 2021, Emma established her own law practice and is now based in Cambridgeshire, although she represents clients throughout England.

In the mid-1990s Emma graduated from the University of Leeds with an Honours degree in Law (2.1 Hons) and then went on to graduate from the University of Leeds Business School with a master’s degree. She qualified as a solicitor while studying at the College of Law in London and completing her training contract in the London office of national firm Blake Morgan Solicitors. Emma has worked for national and reginal forms before setting up her own solicitor practice. Emma has continued to study and obtained an Advanced Diploma in Litigation and Practice from Nottingham Law School.

Recently Emma has set up the Under 11-year-olds football team of Kimbolton Colts Football Club. Emma is running the Brighton Marathon in the hope of raising some money for Kimbolton Colts Football Club. If you would like to make a donation to Kimbolton Football Club please follow this link. Emma is also qualifying as a football coach.

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