Residential & Commercial Landlord and Tenant advice

Emma Watson Legal Solutions provides specialist residential and commercial landlord and tenant advice: Examples of areas we can assist you with:

Obtaining possession of your residential property from a tenant

We can do this in a number of circumstances, for example if the tenant is coming to the end of the period of their tenancy agreement, if they are in rent arrears or if you want to move back into the property. We can draft the Notice Seeking Possession giving the tenant notice to move out of the property. If the tenant does not move out we can then issue possession proceedings in the County Court to obtain a Court Order telling the tenant to move out of the property by a certain date. If the tenant still does not move out, then we can then instruct the Bailiff to evict the tenants. If a tenant will not leave a residential property, you cannot evict them yourselves, you must evict them with a Court Order and the Court Bailiff.

The costs of us doing the above for you would be a fixed fee of £800, the Court fee is currently £355, and the bailiff fee is £130. Click here for further information about our fees.

Advice on Residential and Commercial Tenancy documentation

We can review or draft your residential or commercial tenancy agreement or review your managing agent agreement to ensure that it is up to date and compliant with the most recent legal changes and guidance.

General Commercial and Residential Advice where there is a dispute

We are used to advising on what a Landlord should so if their tenant has left behind property or owes money. It could be that a Landlord needs to issue a Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 Notice to protect their position in relation to the unwanted items left in the property.

Help with Rent Arrears Recovery from Commercial and Residential tenants

We can help trace the tenant for you, and issue court proceedings to reclaim the money owed to you or for the damage to your property.

Commercial landlords

We can also advise commercial landlords on ending commercial leases, it is important to obtain legal advice, especially if part of the commercial property is also residential. If a commercial landlord is going to forfeit a commercial lease it is important to obtain legal advice first.

Can we help?

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