For some of our work at Emma Watson Legal Solutions we can offer a fixed fee. This is usually where the work is quantifiable at the outset. For example we can offer a fixed fee of £800 for reviewing the paperwork relating to your tenancy agreement, writing a notice, drafting the Court papers, attending Court to obtain a possession order and then instructing the bailiff. For this fixed fee we will advise you throughout and support you at each stage of the process. We can also give you a precise cost estimate in relation to the disbursements, such as the Court fee and the bailiff fee.

For non-fixed fee work, we charge based on the time spent on your matter in accordance with our hourly rates. We charge at an hourly estimate.

Non fixed fee work

For work which is not based on a fixed fee, we can agree to undertake a specific section of the work for you for a fixed fee, such as drafting a set of Court documents for you, or reviewing the paperwork in relation to a legal claim you have and advising you on the prospects of your claim being successful in Court. This approach can be helpful in circumstances where you do not have enough money to instruct a solicitor to represent you for the whole of a Court claim or legal issue, and you just need a little help to clarify some technical legal issues or some help with understanding the Court process.

Why instruct a Solicitor?

At Emma Watson Legal Solutions we are aware that potential clients are concerned at spending money on legal fees. It is worth considering that often spending money on legal fees can save you money in the long term. If your dispute is managed quicky and effectively, it will save you money in the long term. For example if your tenant is not paying you rent, it is essential that they are evicted as soon as possible so that you can find a tenant to pay your rent. If you have not sought legal advice and your paperwork for the Court is not filled in correctly, you will not be able to obtain a possession order and you will need to start the whole process again. This will cost you more time and money and there may be little chance of every recovering the money from the existing tenant. If you instruct us to evict your tenant, we will complete the Court paperwork correctly for you and ensure that all rent arrears are claimed as a Judgement within the possession order and we will ask the Court to include interest on your behalf. It may be that the tenant is not able to at the date of judgement, but if they do become able to pay in the future, you can look at enforcing the debt at a later date.

It is a general principal in litigation that the looser pays the winner’s legal costs. We can advise you in relation to this. The Civil Court system is separated in to three different tracks, the small claims track, fast track and multitrack. Different tracks have different rules in relation to legal costs and it is worth obtaining advice on these.

Can we help?

If you are undecided whether you need the services of a solicitor, please get in touch, under no obligation, to discuss your situation.